Form 2 Visit The Wonderful Woodlands

Posted: 24th May 2017

Posted on 24th May 2017

On Monday 8th May, Form 2 set off in an adventure in the woods at the Wolseley Centre (Staffordshire Wildlife Trust). This was a new experience for the school and the day held lots of exciting activities for everyone.

The whole day was packed with science activities learning all about the local flora and fauna in the woodland and we learned innovative ways of measuring the age and height of trees. We also used leaves to identify different types of trees and collected information using tally charts. Later in the day we went exploring the site and enjoyed our journey over the boardwalk seeing lots of baby animals including goslings and ducklings. Then we went to investigate the pond life. One group even caught a baby fish in their net. We also caught lots pond skaters and lava and one very rare water scorpion.

The day was over far too quickly but we had an awesome time and the whole class were buzzing with new knowledge and loved learning through practical science!

Click here to see our photographs from the day.


Mrs. Heyhoe


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