Babies On The Hunt For Minibeasts!

Posted: 24th May 2017

Posted on 24th May 2017

Today the Babies have been on an extra special minibeast hunt in the Nursery Garden. They looked in different places to find all sorts of creepy crawlies and were very excited to find a slimy snail! They then gathered around the sand pit and tried to very hard to find the bugs that were hidden in the sand.

Some of the Babies used tools to move the sand out of the way and some used their hands and mouths to explore the bugs that they found. After all that fresh air outside, the Babies came inside to sing the song “Find the Bugs”.

Click here to see some photographs of the Babies hunting for bugs!

Miss Jankowski, Miss Hulme, Miss Buxton, Miss Robb, Miss Bridgett

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