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Posted: 3rd May 2017

Posted on 3rd May 2017

Last month, the Little Learners had a special visitor to talk about his job. Theo’s Daddy came to talk to us about how he looks after the plants and flowers at Trentham Gardens. We learned the names of different plants and how we need to take care of them by watering them every day. We also had a turn at potting some new little plants for ourselves.

The Little Learners put compost in tubs, added some special plant food, mixed it together and then it was time to pop in the plants. All the children fetched the watering cans and watered all the tubs and pots. Theo’s Daddy then said if we look after the plants and take good care of them we will have a lovely display in a few weeks time!

Click here to see some photographs of our plants!


Mrs Copestake, Mrs Lakin and Mrs Snow


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