Prep 3 Rock Up In The Stone Age!

Posted: 16th November 2016

Posted on 16th Nov 2016

One of the many exciting new additions to the Humanities Curriculum this year is the study of the Stone Age for Prep 3.


They have been finding out how archaeologists get their information when so little evidence survives, and they are learning to distinguish between Primary and Secondary sources.  


To make their study as exciting as possible, the children visited a ‘Stone Age’ encampment out in the wild woods of Shropshire! Here, they took a walk to discover the types of materials available to early people (all natural, of course.) The children came up with some exceptional ideas and questions – what could they make with nuts from trees? (Flour.)  What did they use for sewing needles? (Bone.) How did they keep warm? (Animal skins and furs.)  What was used for tools and weapons? (Stone, obsidian, wood.)   The most ‘fun’ was had when finding out about the sorts of things which would have been eaten by our early ancestors – in short, pretty much anything! Some brave – or exceptionally hungry – children even sampled mealworms and ants!


Click here to see some photographs of our trip out.


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