From The Nursery: Autumn Days!

Posted: 19th October 2016

Posted on 19th Oct 2016

As part of our Autumn topic to promote Understanding of the World, Literacy and Mathematics, the Little Learners went out into the school garden armed with paper and crayons ready to explore.

We found two trees near to the pond and investigated closely. We looked at patterns, colour and texture of the bark. The Little Learners then had a go by themselves at making a bark rubbing on the tree trunk. Later on in the classroom, to extend the learning about colours, we explored different Autumn colours such as red, yellow, brown and orange under cling film. The children pressed on the paint using their fingers to make marks, mixing and squashing it gently.

Everyone had great fun!

Click here to see some pictures of us making our bark rubbings!

Mrs Copestake, Miss Jankowski and Mrs Lakin

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