Meet The Nursery Cook!

Posted: 4th October 2016


Posted on 4th Oct 2016

From the start of September the Nursery has a new face in the Kitchen – Michelle Fox.

Having previously worked in the Toddler Room, Michelle has now taken over cooking the nutritious and delicious lunches and teas for all the children in the Nursery.

Michelle has always enjoyed baking and cooking with the children in the rooms making varied dishes such as chappatis, pizzas and soups. She is now having fun making all the main meals and teas and still spends time in all the rooms after she has finished her day in the Kitchen.

All the children and staff are enjoying the meals deliciously prepared by Michelle who is already thinking ahead to what to cook for Christmas Dinner!

Anyone who wants to pop in and say ‘Hello’, Michelle would love to see you!

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