Head Boy & Girl nominations – an update

Posted: 15th June 2016

Posted on 15th Jun 2016

It is currently the time of year when the Edenhurst children begins to think about leadership.  No, I don’t mean throwing cream pies at Mr. Copestick – but rather, next year’s Prep 6 pupils and who will be next year’s Head Boy and Head Girl.


We have developed this process during the last few years to ensure that the children are full participants in this and are all given the opportunity to vote.  This year, we have refined it again so that the nominees have to make two presentations in front of the school, and answer set questions.  Last Wednesday, they had the opportunity to give their first presentation and tell the school which qualities they possessed that would make them a great Head Boy or Head Girl.


They chose to present their answers in different ways, but what really stood out was that they stayed true to themselves and made their presentations very personal.  We look forward to seeing their second set of responses, shortly before the end of term.  Then…all shall be revealed!  Who will be our Head (and Deputies) for 2016-17?!


Click here to see some photographs of the children making their presentations.  We shall also announce the other roles and responsibilities for next year, including House Captains, Sports Captains, ICT Monitors, Performing Arts & Music, and Chicken Committee.

Mr. Barnes

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