Lambs' Visit to Edenhurst Nursery

Posted: 12th May 2016

Posted on 12th May 2016

On a very sunny day this week the Nursery children had two very special visitors: Chops and Shaun the Sheep. When they arrived we heard bleating outside as they walked around Nursery to the garden. What could it be? the children asked.  All of the children went out to say hello and some brave children even stroked and petted them.

We watched as they had milk from bottles and even took them for a walk on their lead. The Toddlers were very excited and shouted out, “Baa Baa”. The Explorers were very brave and moved closer to look, as did the Early Learners and Little Learners. Even the Babies had a look!

The sheep even liked to smell our shoes! When it was time to go we waved and said goodbye to the sheep; as they trotted away we even thought we heard them say Baaaaaa Bye!

Click here to see photographs of Chops and Shaun visiting us!

Miss Whitmore, Miss Henry, Mrs. Copestake, Mrs. Damjanovic and Mrs. Pugh


(Prep 6 also enjoyed watching from the upstairs window and wished that they were back in the Nursery again!)


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