Prep 3 Try To Win The Maths Trophy!

Posted: 26th April 2016

Posted on 26th Apr 2016

Who would have thought that a maths competition between the forms could cause a stir?  Well, that’s certainly the case in Prep 3, as the children try to battle it out in order to retain the Maths Whizz trophy that they have recently prised from Prep 4!  There are no groans when writing in Friday’s Maths Whizz homework, and the children can’t get into the I.T. room quick enough in order to begin their lesson in school!  Here’s what a few of them think about doing maths online:


Arjun: I love buying pets with all the credits I earn. It keeps me working hard.

Teddy: It’s so good! You have to practise, but it’s fun work.

Ella: I love trying to win the class trophy – particularly if we can beat my brother, Ben!

Noah: It’s a good mix of easy and hard questions – then there are games to play and pets to buy!

Grace: It’s helping me to enjoy maths and to work on my own.  I’m getting much better at maths!

Evie: I like to see the maths on the screen – it helps me to remember.

Charlie: It keeps you learning.

Isabella: I like being challenged by my brother and sister – and I like to win!

Siya: It’s fun – I like the animations.

Jiya: I look forward to the lesson – it’s really good!

Hettie: I like all the new things I learn.  It shows you new ideas.


Keep up the good work, Prep 3!  Even if you don’t win the trophy, you’ll have fun trying!

Click here to see Prep 3 enjoying the challenge of MathsWhizz.

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