Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Posted: 20th January 2016

Posted on 20th Jan 2016

The snowfall this week and last week coincided brilliantly with our topic of Winter for the Little Learners. The children wrapped up warmly in their hats, gloves, scarves and wellies and went outside to explore the snow.

They rolled and patted the snow into a snowman shape and then went off to find twigs and stones for his arms and facial features. We even found a plant pot for a hat! Once inside the children decided to make their own snowman by painting large boxes white. They then went on a search for a scarf and carrot for his nose. The children named him Sidney the Snowman and liked taking their photograph with him.

Continuing the snow theme the children have decorated their own snowman picture using glue and paper and used their scissor skills to cut out a snowflake. Can you find how many snowflakes we have on our wall?

Click here to see some more pictures of our snowman!

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