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Edenhurst News

14th Mar 2016

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, Prep 6 finished their 11+ preparation and launched straight into two competitions - the BBC’s 500 Words, and the Independent Schools Association’s annual essay writing competition.  The latter, entitled the Horsey Junior Award, gives prescribed topics for the children to write about but enough latitude for them to develop their thoughts (especially given that there is no maximum length!)

14th Mar 2016

In our Enrichment lessons, Prep 5 have been working in pairs to create a Google slideshow all about volcanoes.

Using the skills gained through their ICT lessons, groups had to research and share information to create 6-8 slides. This was a project where they could work together when at home, as they have learnt how to share documents with each other to allow collaboration whenever they have access to the internet.

Prep 5 have shown excellent understanding of using Google Chrome, a cloud based system we know use in school.

Mr. Beasley 

14th Mar 2016

Just before half term, Prep. 4 had a drama activity day where their task was to learn and perform a play which they would then perform for parents at 3.30pm.

The day was led by our drama teacher, Mrs. Ella Jones. The chosen play was 'Romeo and Juliet' and the cast eagerly awaited their roles!  In a very short time pupils had to learn lines and remember their entries and exits and have costumes to contend with!

14th Mar 2016

Prep 3 have been enjoying their History topic about Ancient Greece.  More than once, they have asked the question ‘How do we know about that, if it happened thousands of years ago?’

14th Mar 2016

Here at Edenhurst Nursery, a love of reading is fostered from a young age. Simple board books and ‘feely books’ are favourites in the Baby and Toddler Rooms for the children to learn how to turn the pages and look at colourful pictures.

14th Mar 2016

Each year the school supports 3 main charities: local; national; international.

For 2016, the national charity is Barnado’s. During the week beginning March 7th, the children will be taking part in sponsored ‘Care and Share’ activities. There will be more to report in the next Newsletter.

The international charity is Morning Star, an orphanage for HIV/Aids children in South Africa. Our children contribute loose change into their classroom charity tin - the target is just £15 per month which helps to support one child in the orphanage.

28th Jan 2016

As part of our ongoing preparation for senior school life, we are working with the schools to whom children regularly transfer in order to provide a series of ‘taster activities’.  These will give our children the opportunity to visit the schools and work with members of staff there.

22nd Jan 2016

The rugby season is up and running, and what a start it was! A mixed team of U10’s & U11’s travelled to Prestfelde School in Shrewsbury. The pitch was heavy but the sun was out and the boys were all ready to go.

20th Jan 2016

This is the time of year where, for some reason, we have been innundated with the opportunity to showcase our writing talent!  Regular listeners to BBC Radio 2 will be aware that this week, Chris Evans launched this year’s ‘500 Words’ competition.  Yesterday we received details about the Independent School Association’s annual essay competition, where there is a choice of six different titles to be written.

20th Jan 2016

The snowfall this week and last week coincided brilliantly with our topic of Winter for the Little Learners. The children wrapped up warmly in their hats, gloves, scarves and wellies and went outside to explore the snow.

30th Nov 2015

As part of our planned activities, the Early Learners cover many different areas of the EYFS. Recently the children joined in with a planting workshop where they had to plant some dwarf daffodils and hyacinth bulbs into pots. This allowed children who learn best through kinaesthetic learning or learning through ‘doing’ to experience how to grow flowers.