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Laura Field

Me professionally:

I spent five years studying childcare, babies – year 5 primary placements and volunteering. I qualified in 2014 with a BTEC in Childcare, my last placement was Edenhurst where I had worked as supply staff during the summer holidays and at a pre-school. I started studying at Staffordshire University in Early Childhood Studies, graduating three years later with a 2:1 degree. I started working part time in the Toddler room over the summer and became full time in December 2017.  I moved to the Explorers room in 2019 before moving back to the Toddlers where I am now.

Me personally:

I’m quite tall at just under 5ft 10, which does come in handy. I’m a volunteer trainee Brownie/Guide leader having previously been a Brownie/Guide myself, my work helps me out here and vice versa. I enjoy seeing/being around my family, going for meals and places together. I live with my mum and dad and cat Charlie, who although he’s getting older loves to play and have cuddles and a fuss. I enjoy going to Zumba and exercise classes with my friends as well as exciting days and nights out chatting and making memories with friends.

Random fact about me:

I love animals and adopt Dundi the rhino out in Africa through David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and also Yasmin, a red panda at Dudley zoo as these are my favourite two animals. 

I used to do Ballet, Tap and Jazz dancing when I was younger.

I would like to travel more, especially New York and parts of America.


Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?