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Kyle Mann

Me professionally:

I qualified from my BTEC Level 3 Children’s Play, Learning and Development course in 2016 and have since worked in 4 different nurseries before starting my employment at Edenhurst in 2020. I am currently a student at Staffordshire University studying Psychology and Child Development due to finish my BSc in 2022. I also plan to take a Masters Degree in order to become an Educational Psychologist.

Me personally:

In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and going to gigs as well as cooking and meeting with friends. I like to prep and make burgers when cooking and adapt each one to create something new each time. I also enjoy gaming, especially with friends as I’m able to speak to them whilst doing so.

Random fact about me:

I have 3 different career paths that I’d like to explore at some point within my life; I would like to pursue educational psychology as well as opening my own restaurant and becoming an author.

I would love to travel the world.


Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?