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Hannah Turner

School Email:

Me professionally:

After completing my PGCE at Keele University in 2018, I took up a temporary position for 2 terms at Edenhurst in January 2019 – it is a privilege to still be here almost 2 years on! I strongly believe in creating a classroom environment that can promote children’s personal growth and development alongside their academic progress. I am particularly passionate about literature and the humanities, and enjoy using texts to inspire curiosity and imagination across all areas of the curriculum.

Me personally:

I enjoy spending my spare time with family and friends, as well as browsing book shops for new releases and exploring new cities. When it’s sunny and warm, I love to be outside and enjoy long walks with my dog. On colder days, I’d much prefer to be inside reading, baking or online shopping!

Random fact about me:

When I was younger, I had a fear of dogs and was even scared of my own dog when he first came to live with us! After a very fearful few months, we became the best of friends and I now love dogs!


Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?