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Ellie Jankowski 

Me professionally:

I qualified as a nursery nurse in 2010 and moved to Edenhurst in 2012. I originally started off working in the Explorers room, then moved on to Little Learners for four years. I was promoted to Baby Room Supervisor in 2017. I have enjoyed working with all ages. 

Me personally:

I enjoy taking my dog Elvis on adventures, I even bring him to the nursery sometimes to see the children which they love. I love to travel and for my 30th birthday I visited New York, San Francisco , Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I love to workout and I am an online fitness coach and love to help people to reach their goals. My new love is cooking and I enjoy trying out new recipes. 

Random fact about me:

I love to wear odd socks.

My real name is Elizabeth.

I have done a Bungee jump.

I travelled to LA on my own and experienced an earthquake.


Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?