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Babitah Hibbert

School Email:

Me professionally:

Teaching IT to children is the best job in the world. I feel very fortunate that I am able to teach from the very youngest in Reception, through to Prep 6 at Edenhurst and then all the way to Upper Sixth Form at Denstone College. I want our children to be more than computer users. My focus is teaching them digital skills, coding and e-safety but also to encourage them to develop their natural curiosity. 

Me personally:

I have many interests, the latest being 3D printing and diamond painting. In my spare time I love to exercise and participate in marathons and triathlons. My greatest sporting achievement is beating Mr Hibbert in a 56 mile ultramarathon – I will never let him live that down.

I love living in Staffordshire and spending time outdoors and in our campervan with my two dogs and sometimes my husband. 

Random fact about me:

I used to be an internal auditor and worked for the Department of Revenue in South Africa. 

I met my husband while running – it took him many weeks to catch up to me!


Why Edenhurst?

Why Edenhurst?