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The Step Method for Learning Tables

Posted on 25th Apr 2017

Please see below our information sheet, which is given to children as part of their Homework.


Write down the table you are learning, in sequence, (either up or down):

          eg.     1 x 3 = 3

                   2 x 3 = 6

                   3 x 3 = 9                etc.


Cover up the answers and recite the table, in sequence.


Write down the sharing facts, in sequence (either up or down):

          eg.     36 ÷ 3 = 12

Top 10 Tips to Help Your Child Settle into a New School

Posted on 2nd Mar 2017

If you are thinking of moving your child to a new school, you’re bound to be feeling anxious about how they’ll settle in. However, Schools are generally very good at making new starters feel welcome and children are very adaptable, so - with some advance preparation - being the ‘new boy’ or ‘new girl’ won’t last long! Here are our Top 10 Tips to help you smooth the transition for both you and your child. 

Preparing for the school move

Listening to children read

Posted on 11th Mar 2016

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents - Emilie Buchwald

The greatest gift is a passion for reading. - Elizabeth Hardwick


  • These guidelines are to help you when you are hearing children read. The most important thing is that reading should be a positive, enjoyable experience for both the child and adult. 

Revision notes for parents - May 2013

Posted on 1st May 2013

The last half term of the year is now upon us and following our return to school next week we will go straight into revision week. By now you will have received, both physically and electronically, a copy of your child’s revision booklet with details of what they need to revise for each of the subjects in which they will be examined. Hopefully – after being told in Friday’s assembly and reminded by their teachers – they will have brought home their exercise books and other materials to begin their revision.

So – what happens next?