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William Midwinter (2003)

We catch up with Edenhurst alumnus William Midwinter:

Year left: 2003

Profession: Outreach and Programme Manager (East Asia)

Previous School: Newcastle High School

What was your favourite thing about Edenhurst? 

The teaching staff.

What other memories do you have from your time at Edenhurst? 

An encouraging atmosphere which nurtures ones ability to be outgoing and ask questions about everything.

Which activities did you most enjoy at Edenhurst?

Sport was always a highlight, especially when Mr. Beasley joined the team. I also first found my love for social sciences at Edenhurst with great History and Geography lessons.

What did you think of the teachers at Edenhurst? Did you have a favourite teacher and if so, who was it and why?

The teachers were my favorite part! The Mr. Evans and Mr. Turner double act was hard to beat. Whether we were doing English, Geography or History... they were great.

In what ways did the school help prepare you for the 11+ exam? 

Helped me identify my strengths and the areas I wanted to grow in, without neglecting the other areas that were required for a well rounded primary education.

Do you still keep in touch with your friends from Edenhurst?

Absolutely, can't seem to shake them. A friend in purple is a friend for life.

What useful tips would you give to other pupils preparing to leave Edenhurst? 

I would say; Start to take notice of the subjects that you love from the beginning of your educational journey, explore them beyond the classroom, question them, and make the most of the teachers. You are never too young to start becoming an expert!

How would you sum up your experience at Edenhurst in one word? 


NOTE FROM MR. COPESTICK: William was a brilliant actor in his time at Edenhurst. As he has grown older, he now looks a lot more like his famous grandfather, Roy Midwinter, of Midwinter Pottery.