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Ruthie Nixon (1974)

We catch up with Edenhurst alumna Ruthie Nixon:

Year left: 1974

Profession: Doctor

What was your favourite thing about Edenhurst? 

Mr Copestick, drama, belief in the child.

What other memories do you have from your time at Edenhurst? 

Many memories. Sports days , science (playing with mercury!), the locusts, being Ratty in Toad of Toad Hall.

What did you think of the teachers at Edenhurst? Did you have a favourite teacher and if so, who was it and why?

Mr Copestick, the Headmaster at the time, who had a belief in my potential that really helped me.

In what ways did the school help prepare you for the 11+ exam? 

Almost too good for the grammar school. We were years ahead.

What useful tips would you give to other pupils preparing to leave Edenhurst? 

Believe in yourselves.

How would you sum up your experience at Edenhurst in one word? 

Nurturing (in an all round sense).