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Evie (2016)

This week we catch up with Edenhurst alumna Evie (2016).

Current school: Newcastle-under-Lyme School (Music Scholarship, 2016)

What was your favourite thing about Edenhurst? 

I love music, I play the piano, cello and sing. I loved being involved in all the Edenhurst concerts and productions, that was my favourite thing about Edenhurst.

What other memories do you have from your time at Edenhurst? 

I have lots of great memories from Edenhurst, I can't just pick out one!

Which activities did you most enjoy at Edenhurst? 

We had the opportunity to take part of lots of great activities, I enjoyed Condover Hall the most, closely followed by The Girls Football team! Oh and the trip to Barcelona, LOVED that!​

How did taking part in trips and outings (including foreign trips) help you develop?

Taking part in trips and outings gave us a little independence, special awareness and it is great to learn new things outside the classroom.

What did you think of the teachers at Edenhurst? 

The teachers at Edenhurst were great, very supportive. They were all very nice. Always felt I could ask them anything, if I had a problem with something just not sitting right with me.

In what ways did the school help prepare you for the 11+ exam? 

First of all it was great education from the off. But we also had extra lessons after school twice a week for extra help with Maths & English. This was very helpful with the exam.

Do you still keep in touch with your friends from Edenhurst? 

I keep in touch with most of my friends from Edenhurst, we had a very strong bond. I even keep in touch with my buddy, Shaunak.

What useful tips would you give to other pupils preparing to leave Edenhurst? 

Useful tips  would give to other pupils leaving Edenhurst would be never wish your days away and always give it your all, because once it's gone you'll be wishing that you did. 

How would you sum up your experience at Edenhurst in one word? 

Outstanding! ;)