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Emily (2009)

We catch up with Edenhurst alumna Emily:

Year left: 2009

Current school: Congleton High School

What was your favourite thing about Edenhurst? 

The teachers and the community atmosphere.

What other memories do you have from your time at Edenhurst? 

Having fun with my classmates, music concerts, yearly plays and loads more.

Which activities did you most enjoy at Edenhurst? 

Science and music department.

What did you think of the teachers at Edenhurst? 

Mrs Roberts, Mr Hodkingson, Mrs Kind... they were all brilliant teachers.

In what ways did the school help prepare you for the 11+ exam? 

I got help with my dyslexia and we did lots of verbal reasoning for the Entrance exam.

What useful tips would you give to other pupils preparing to leave Edenhurst? 

Keep in touch with your friends properly and remember Edenhurst is a lot smaller than most schools.

How would you sum up your experience at Edenhurst in one word?