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Diane Lunn (1973)

We catch up with Edenhurst alumna Diane Lunn (nee Woodward):

Year left: 1973

Senior school: St. Dominic's Stoke

Profession: Manager

What was your favourite thing about Edenhurst? 

Being happy.

What other memories do you have from your time at Edenhurst? 

Friendships still with me today.

Which activities did you most enjoy at Edenhurst? ​

School Plays.

What did you think of the teachers at Edenhurst? Did you have a favourite teacher and if so, who was it and why?

Mr Warrilow who gave me a passion for history.

In what ways did the school help prepare you for senior school?

Edenhurst gave me confidence and an enjoyment of learning.

What useful tips would you give to other pupils preparing to leave Edenhurst? 

Be proud of who you are.

How would you sum up your experience at Edenhurst in one word?