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Viva España 2016: Day 2

Posted on 4th May 2016 by Chris Barnes

(See the photographs from today here).


Our tired Prep 6 children are now curled up in bed after a long and busy day.  We’ve been up since 7am and after leaving around 10am, didn’t get back to our accommodation until 9:30pm.  The children have had lots to see throughout the day and begun to gain an appreciation of what it’s like to be a tourist in a foreign country.


Headmaster's Blog, April 2016

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Posted on 29th Apr 2016 by Nick Copestick

A rather belated but warm welcome back to school to all children, staff and parents after the Easter break.


Well, maybe not so ‘warm’ as the country is currently experiencing winter-like weather conditions! We have a really talented 1st XI cricket team this year who are itching to get to grips with the fixture list - let’s hope our interesting climate quickly turns into Summer!


Headmaster's Blog - January 2016

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Posted on 22nd Jan 2016 by Nick Copestick

Just the other day I was in Prep 5W’s classroom for their English lesson on the subject of ‘Relative Clauses’ (nothing to do with Santa’s family!). I couldn’t remember being taught this when I was at school and I was amazed at how successfully the children got to grips with it.

So I was pleased when I saw the quiz below in the education press and could confidently answer Q4. (Actually I got most of the other answers right as well, but I’m sure that’s only because I know what’s going on in our classrooms, rather than  from my own education, which specialised in Science).

Those Who Teach, Tweet!

Posted on 25th Sep 2015 by Chris Barnes

However long you've been part of our school community, you can't have failed to notice that as a school we are making extensive use of Twitter and Facebook to keep you up to date with what's going on around Edenhurst on a daily basis.  Mr. Copestick jokes that I tweet in my sleep - and certainly there have been events and activities where I have posted very regular updates! - but if you look throughout the school, there are a lot of the staff and some of the clubs that are now on Twitter.  Have a look!