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Condover Hall 2016: Day 1

Posted on 14th Sep 2016 by Chris Barnes

Two years ago the Prep 6 residential was a new feature in the calendar at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term; last year it was lovely to come back to familiar surroundings with a new group; this year it now feels very much part of the programme for our oldest pupils and something that the children eagerly look forward to as they progress through Prep 6 and hear the stories about our time here from the older children.  


Headmaster's Blog: Celebrating endings and new beginnings

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Posted on 12th Jul 2016 by Nick Copestick

I find it hard to believe I’m writing my last blog of the year which appears to have crept up at a very fast rate! What a busy, rewarding and productive year it has been for all in the Edenhurst community. 

You will of course hear about the many different achievements, developments and successes of all aspects of the school at Speech Day in September but for now I think it is worth reflecting briefly on a few endings and new beginnings.

Headmaster's Blog, June 2016

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Posted on 17th Jun 2016 by Nick Copestick

More than half of UK primary school teachers say that they do not have enough time to read and discuss books in the classroom, a new survey has found (article in the Times Ed, June 16 2016)


Earlier this year we held a well-attended Parents Workshop on the subject of Phonics and Reading, during which we shared our philosophies on the mechanics of reading and how we listen to children read.


Blog, May 2016

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Posted on 25th May 2016 by Nick Copestick

Parent Surveys

A big thank you to all those who took the time to complete our surveys: 32% of school families and 49% of nursery parents contributed. Although these numbers are below 50%, we have still been able to view the results as being broadly representative of the parent body and to use the data to support the forward planning of the school.


Strengths of the School

Deputy Head's Blog, May 2016: Senior School Choices

Posted on 11th May 2016 by Chris Barnes

Senior Schools Choices Evening


A glance around the Honours Board in our dining room shows a list of ‘the great and the good’ in terms of local senior schools, not to mention a plethora of pupils who have gone on to achieve top honours - a range of scholarships, music awards, sporting awards and other creative honours that showcase the talent that we have here at Edenhurst.


Viva España! 2016: Epiblog

Posted on 7th May 2016 by Chris Barnes

After sitting in shorts and T-shirts for the whole week, I’m glad that the weather has remained sufficiently warm today for me to stay like this as I write my final blog piece…it keeps the memories of our trip alive for a little longer!  By this point you may well have sore ears or suffered ‘death by photograph’, but hopefully you will indulge me in a few final thoughts and reflections on what has gone before…