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Headmaster's Blog: Signing Off a 'Monster' Year in Style

Posted on 12th Jul 2017 by Katy Hildyard

Herewith my last blog of this school year - it’s hard to believe we are here already and I think this is a sign of how busy and productive the last term has been.

You will of course hear about the range of achievements, developments and successes of this year at Speech Day on September 19th, but for now I think it is worth reflecting briefly on a few highlights.

Deputy Head’s Blog: Onwards and Upwards For All

Posted on 29th Jun 2017 by Chris Barnes

Throughout Edenhurst it has been a fortnight of transitions...yesterday evening, the new Reception parents met with Mrs. Hodgkinson to find out more about how school life will change for their child in September.  With 16 children joining Reception and a number joining us at other points within the school, we continue to grow and prosper.

Deputy Head's Blog: Look Wide and then Look Wider

Posted on 15th Jun 2017 by Chris Barnes

It is now only a matter of four weeks until another school year comes to an end.  As I write this, the children in the Prep Forms are mid-way through their end-of-year exams, breathing a sigh of relief as each one is finished.  Prep 6 are in the process of visiting their new senior schools: finding out about new routines, new form teachers, new houses and what will happen in September.  There is a palpable air of excitement and nervousness at the same time.

Headmaster's Blog, 26th May 2017

Nick Copestick's picture
Posted on 26th May 2017 by Nick Copestick


Another half term has passed in the usual busy and productive fashion of Edenhurst, with many events and achievements to celebrate. Of course, the biggest news this month has been the receipt of the full ISI Inspection report.

Edenhurst was visited in the last week of last term, as part of the current cycle of inspections, combining a ‘Compliance’ check, an EYFS inspection (Nursery) and an Educational Quality inspection (School).

Deputy Head's Blog: L'Aperitif - After France and Onto Barcelona!

Posted on 17th May 2017 by Chris Barnes

Children from Prep 4, 5 and 6 recently spent an amazing week at the Chateau de la Baudonniere in Normandy, about two hours' drive from Caen.  We were the only group there to have children younger than Prep 6 and the other schools were astounded at how well our Prep 4 and 5 children dealt with being away from home - they were amazing!

France 2017: Day 6

Posted on 12th May 2017 by Chris Barnes

As our last full day here is well underway, Mr. Barber, Madame Cotton and I have been reflecting on the benefits of experiences such as this.  Throughout the week we have seen so much growth in our pupils, yet all of it unique to each of them.  

A residential trip is a great leveller - the academic; the musician; the artist; the quiet and reflective child; the sportsman; the child that seemingly oozes with confidence; the homebird…all different character types are suddenly brought together and given the chance to rise to new challenges.