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Speech Day and Prizegiving, September 21st 2016

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Posted on 22nd Sep 2016 by Nick Copestick

The first whole school event of the year has traditionally been our Speech Day and Prizegiving and this was again held in the comfortable and accommodating Potteries Museum Theatre.

It is always a thrill to see last year’s leavers and present them with their awards and to catch up with them after a couple of weeks in their new schools. This year’s group was no exception as we re-lived their achievements and all the fun they had in the various activities throughout the year. Some of the children had been at Edenhurst a long time - at least one since starting in the new Baby room back in 2005!

Our hard working pupils once again achieved a 100% pass rate to first choice schools and an incredible 40% success rate in scholarships. Thanks were given to our dedicated teachers and support staff for the way they NURTURE and INSPIRE the children, enabling them to ACHIEVE their very best.

We also award prizes in all the classes for Endeavour, Service, Progress and Achievement: our Guest Speaker, Mark James, was very complimentary about the children’s politeness and humility as they came up to collect their prizes.

He also paid tribute to the present Prep 6 for their confidence in speaking in public, with their commentary on all last year’s many activities.

Earlier, he had encouraged the children to “have a go”, to “enjoy their achievements” even if it would not rewarded on such a grand stage as a Speech Day. As parents are no doubt aware, we make sure that all the leavers are recognised in some form for their talents, effort, progress and service, something they will hopefully value as they start to forge their new school careers.

Now to get cracking on with the rest of this term...

Nick Copestick