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Pupils’ Attitudes to Learning

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Posted on 19th Jan 2018 by Nick Copestick

It was lovely to see the children returning after their Christmas holidays: they looked so eager to start the new term!

It was therefore very appropriate that one of our first assignments was for them to undertake a Pupil Attitude survey, which they did willingly and efficiently.

As this was the first time we have used this particular survey, which comes as part of the digital assessment system from GL Assessments, it is taking some time to wade through the enormous amounts of data.

However, the headline figures are really interesting and encouraging

More than 95% gave the highest possible scores in “Feelings about School”

94% gave the highest possible scores in “Attitudes to Teachers”

Over 90% gave the highest possible scores in “Preparedness for Learning”

These numbers show a very positive approach to learning and the results speak volumes about the relationships between staff and pupils, the single most effective factor in high achievement.

One area we will look at in more detail with the children is that of “Self Regard as a Learner”, in which the children did not rate themselves so highly (72%). Equivalent to self-worth, this measure is focused specifically on self-awareness as a learner, highlighting levels of motivation and determination.

We know that some of our pupils are very modest and don’t like to boast, even in an online survey. However, it does appear that we may have a bit of work to do in terms of pupils’ resilience in the face of problem-solving. The attitude we want to instil is not

“I can’t do it” but “I can’t do it yet!”

Moreover, children should not be afraid of failure: we all learn from mistakes and it’s a matter of helping the pupils to understand that an error in their work is not the end of the world, but an opportunity to learn more.

Our updated School Development Plan will now reflect more emphasis on developing a positive mind-set and further enhancing our high quality teaching and pastoral support to ensure that every child feels confident and optimistic about what they are able to achieve.

Nick Copestick