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How A Nurturing Learning Environment Enables Children To Excel

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Posted on 4th May 2018 by Nick Copestick

I was delighted to see that 100% of parents who responded to our recent Parents’ Survey recognise the value of our teaching and that they think the children are making excellent progress as a result of our methods.  This is obviously a belief that we hold too and is backed up by the assessment data collected each year through the various tests and systems we use, which show that the vast majority of Edenhurst pupils are achieving above the expected levels.  In the last two years or so, Edenhurst has developed a simple yet highly effective method of ensuring each child’s abilities are NURTURED in lessons; the main principle being to ensure a significant emphasis on setting a high level of expectation relative to each child’s ability, fostering a belief in them that they can achieve more than they think is possible.

We are always trying to improve what we do and one of the benefits of Bellevue membership is the peer to peer review programme. You will have seen in previous newsletters that the team that visited last term gave us top marks for our teaching and learning. Even so, we were able to pick out some really useful pointers to help our continual development.

With this in mind, the teachers and I underwent some training during the Easter holidays to look at a set of principles* which can be used in the classroom to reinforce the doctrine that learning in children is the product of thinking. We have kept this moving by sharing the best examples from different classrooms in our regular staff meetings during the school week.

I believe that the values of a school are fundamental to its success and that ACHIEVEMENT can only happen when there are happy, fulfilled children. When pupils are INSPIRED by teachers and NURTURED in a safe environment where they are valued, there will be huge success!

Nick Copestick


* The Magenta Principles, by Mike Hughes