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How Edenhurst Pupils’ Learning Is Nurtured By Collective Teacher Efficacy

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Posted on 15th Jun 2018 by Nick Copestick

I may be nearing the end of my time as Head of Edenhurst, but that doesn’t stop me being excited about the future of the school and it’s been a pleasure to help to prepare the team of teachers for next year. Over the years I have seen many retirements of experienced teachers: parents have often been concerned about “what will happen when so-and-so leaves?”. Of course, what happens is - new teachers join and refresh the team, the Edenhurst ship keeps sailing on, and the children keep learning and ACHIEVING.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that in reality: a lot of work is done in the background to induct new teachers into the ‘collective’ - and that is the magic ingredient, having a group of teachers who collectively believe that they can provide a first class learning experience for the children. Using the methods which Edenhurst has developed over many years and paying attention to individuals’ learning requirements, we ensure that all children are NURTURED and progress to the best of their ability.

Edenhurst children have a double benefit, with the school belonging to the Bellevue group - another ‘collective’. During this academic year, the schools have used the focus of ‘Making Learning Visible’, a concept elucidated by the educationalist John Hattie, who, amongst other things, provides a ranked list of 252 influences on children’s learning. Here are some examples: effort; teacher-pupil relationships; phonics; homework; technology; class sizes. It may surprise parents about how effective, or not, some of these influences are.

The most important of the 252 influences is what is called ‘Collective Teacher Efficacy’, in other words, teachers can achieve more when they collectively believe they can! This is what we have at Edenhurst (and Bellevue) and it is why I am excited about the new staff joining the school in September, knowing that they will be joining such a fantastic group of INSPIRATIONAL teachers.

You will see the lovely articles about Susannah and Hannah in this Newsletter - parents will be able to meet them at drop-off time on the morning of July 2nd when they will be here for our ‘Moving Up Day’.

Meanwhile, we have a very busy few weeks ahead, which Suzanne and I are looking forward to enjoying with the children!


Nick Copestick