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Headmaster's Blog, October 2017

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Posted on 18th Oct 2017 by Nick Copestick

Half-Term Already!

“I don’t believe it!” Another half term has whizzed by and we are thrilled by the start the children have made to their learning, in and out of the classroom. Based on the conversations we had at Parents Evenings last week, I would say that parents are delighted too!

The focus of learning this year involves the children’s ‘ownership’ of their progress, so teachers have been implementing a model which involves presenting the LI (Learning Intention) to the children, along with the SC (Success Criteria), which are steps to achieve the LI. The pupils are now familiar with this method and are able to talk about what they need to do to succeed. The next step is to give them the confidence and resources to manage this part of the lesson independently. More on this subject later in the year.

I keep a close eye on how the children are progressing in Maths Whizz. It is a completely amazing device to give children ownership of their learning in Maths and we are pleased to offer parents a chance to attend a Workshop on this subject on Thursday, November 2nd at 7:00pm. Look out for more details in the Friday Weekly emails from the Office.

Meanwhile, I hope the children have a wonderful rest over half term - they deserve it!


Nick Copestick