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Headmaster's Blog, May 2017

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Posted on 4th May 2017 by Nick Copestick

How Edenhurst Encourages Children’s Learning Skills

Last term ended in high spirits after a successful visit from ISI inspectors in the final week. I am not permitted to comment officially on the outcome until the report is published, which is likely to be before half term, so please keep an eye open for the formal news release.

However, I can tell you about the Bellevue Learning Review of Edenhurst, which took place in the week before the inspection(!). Over a period of three days, each Bellevue school welcomes a team of senior teachers, lead by one of our Heads, to conduct an annual observation of lessons and activities. A report is drawn up to be submitted to the Bellevue Education Committee and any conclusions are used to help us formulate our next School Development Plan.

I am delighted to let you know that the team were overwhelmingly complimentary about the level of the children’s work and the effectiveness of the teaching across our broad curriculum. They were also mightily impressed with the range of activities and the quality of sport, art and music.

Here are a few highlights from the Learning Review report:

  • The pupils’ engagement in all lessons and extra-curricular activities is outstanding: this includes all year groups and all abilities. They like to be challenged within lessons and in all aspects of school life.

  • Pupils in all classes are encouraged to work collaboratively and they do this extremely well.

  • Pupils have very strong relationships with each other and with staff.

  • Pupils are encouraged to work independently in lessons and, through this, many are driving and directing their own learning.

  • A further highlight is the behaviour and manners demonstrated by all the children in lessons and around the school in general.

  • Pupils are self- confident, articulate and confident in their verbal responses.

  • Pupils are motivated by the school’s merit point system and are very good at regulating their own behaviour.

  • Work is presented with care and pride: there is an impressive level of work produced and topics covered.

  • Pupils are aware of how they are progressing in all subjects. This is through target setting, marking feedback and discussion with their teachers. In interviews, they were all confident that they had made strong progress this year.

  • Pupils are very proud of their work and talk with great enthusiasm and eagerness about their work.

  • Within interviews pupils were keen to mention that their teachers help them to learn.

  • Pupils have a strong understanding of what a Learning Intention is and generally a strong understanding of the principles of Success Criteria and how this can aid their learning.

  • In many lessons pupils demonstrate an intellectual curiosity for their learning and are able to persevere when faced with challenging problems.

  • Edenhurst pupils are very happy!  


In receiving this very pleasing feedback, I felt very proud of the children and teachers for what we have achieved at Edenhurst and I look forward to my meeting with the Bellevue Committee later this month, when I will be able to elucidate how we, as a school team, achieve these outstanding results.

My presentation will include:

  • Laying strong foundations in the three ‘Rs’ in Nursery, Reception and KS1;

  • Embedding ICT as one of the essential learning tools;

  • Instilling a strong work ethic through the structure of our curriculum;

  • Encouraging work outside the classroom, including Homework;

  • Giving confidence to make mistakes through positive interaction between pupil and teacher;

  • Allowing opportunities for independent learning, for example in carrying out research;

  • Developing creative thinkers who generate and follow their own ideas;

  • Nurturing reflective learners who assess themselves and others, setting goals with success criteria for their own development.

I hope that, like me, parents will be encouraged and heartened by this endorsement of the teaching and learning framework at Edenhurst.


Nick Copestick