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Headmaster's Blog - January 2016

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Posted on 22nd Jan 2016 by Nick Copestick

Just the other day I was in Prep 5W’s classroom for their English lesson on the subject of ‘Relative Clauses’ (nothing to do with Santa’s family!). I couldn’t remember being taught this when I was at school and I was amazed at how successfully the children got to grips with it.

So I was pleased when I saw the quiz below in the education press and could confidently answer Q4. (Actually I got most of the other answers right as well, but I’m sure that’s only because I know what’s going on in our classrooms, rather than  from my own education, which specialised in Science).

Have a go at answering these quiz questions:

The answer to Q5, as you may have guessed from my preamble, is ‘Key Stage 2 Spag test, which our 11 year old pupils will be taking in the summer term. You can read the full article here:

Having discussed this with our English teachers, we all agree that whatever skills the children are learning in the classroom, it is vital that they have the opportunity to apply these skills in their writing, which is the essence of their creative writing lessons.

To this end, the pupils will be once again invited to enter the BBC 500 words competition. In addition we are pleased to announce that there is to be a Bellevue Writing Competition to which we will be forwarding work from the different categories of EYFS (Early Learners and Reception); KS1 (Forms 1 and 2); and KS2 (the Prep forms).
On top of that, our membership of ISA (the Independent Schools Association) gives us access to the ISA Essay Writing Competition, the Junior section of which is open to 10 and 11 year old pupils.

I am looking forward to going back into the classrooms and seeing the fruits of the children’s labours towards these initiatives.

Mr. Copestick