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Those Who Teach, Tweet!

Posted on 25th Sep 2015 by Chris Barnes

However long you've been part of our school community, you can't have failed to notice that as a school we are making extensive use of Twitter and Facebook to keep you up to date with what's going on around Edenhurst on a daily basis.  Mr. Copestick jokes that I tweet in my sleep - and certainly there have been events and activities where I have posted very regular updates! - but if you look throughout the school, there are a lot of the staff and some of the clubs that are now on Twitter.  Have a look! - find and follow one of those listed below to see what your child(ren) are getting up to!

Keep up to date with news from the school by following us on Twitter: @EdenhurstSchool (Mr. Copestick)

News and other information is also posted on our Facebook page - please 'like' us if you haven't already done so!

School Twitter accounts:

Happy following!  As more Twitter accounts are added this page will be updated.