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Headteacher's Blog: New Beginnings

Posted on 21st Sep 2018 by Michael Hibbert

The start of an academic year is an exciting time in schools. I have always enjoyed standing at the entrance to the school watching families arrive after the long summer break. This year was particularly poignant for me because I could really relate to how the children must have been feeling. Seeing them arrive in their smart Edenhurst uniforms, happy and excited to start the new term but perhaps feeling slightly nervous about the challenges ahead, was something I could empathise with completely. It never ceases to amaze me how resilient children are. Within a very short time it was business as usual here at Edenhurst.

When Mr Copestick and I were discussing the hand over during the summer, the recurring theme of encouraging a Growth Mindset in our children was ever present in our conversations. I was very excited to hear that work had already begun on this at Edenhurst because this resonates with my own beliefs and I am very keen to build on good work already done. As teachers, it was a big part of our Training days because we realise that we also need to work on our own Growth Mindsets if we are to INSPIRE the children in our care to do them same. This theme has continued into our Assemblies and lessons in order to equip our children with the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving and challenging world.

Prep 6 are taking turns reading a book that I gave them called ‘You are awesome’ by Matthew Syed and I look forward to discussing it with them in the near future. These ideas went with them to Condover Hall where they truly put their Growth Mindsets to the test, ACHIEVING things they never imagined they could. They have come back to us this week full of confidence, perpetuating the legend of the Prep 6 residential visit.

It has been a privilege to watch our new children settle in so well. The warm and welcoming Edenhurst family has embraced them wholeheartedly. This is particularly evident in Reception where some are completely new to school but are already happy, confident and eager to learn. I was amazed at how well they all did in a Phonics lesson that I observed, NURTURED by Mrs Hodgkinson and Mrs Lawton.

It has been a joy choosing a different group of children to sit and have lunch with each day and getting to know a little more about them.  I look forward to many more such opportunities. Edenhurst is a very special community that I am proud to be a part of.

Michael Hibbert, Headteacher