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Guest Blog: New Initiatives in the Nursery

Posted on 25th Oct 2018 by Liz Whitmore

One of the overarching principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage is to enable strong partnerships between practitioners and parents/carers, and here at Edenhurst Nursery we are always looking to improve how we work with the most important people in a child’s life - YOU! In response to last year’s parent survey we have already implemented an exciting new initiative. Last week, in conjunction with the School parents evening, for the first time Nursery parents were invited to attend their own parents evening to discuss their child’s progress with their keyworker.

Across the Nursery, from Babies to Early Learners, parents attended to find out how their child had settled into their new room or how they were progressing ready for their next move. The parents evening builds on the termly reporting we do via 2BuildAProfile, whereby all parents are emailed with a report sharing their child's latest Nursery observations. It was lovely to see how many parents attended the event, especially in Early Learners, where the staff were able to explain about all the high quality pre-school teaching we provide, including phonics and number work as well as specialist teaching in subjects like French and PE, to help children get 'school-ready'. 

As part of the transition from Nursery to Reception, we hold a number of events for Early Learners parents throughout the year, including Stay & Learn events which are a great opportunity for you to come in and see what your child is learning so you can better support them at home. An updated calendar of key dates for Early Learners parents will be included in the Edenhurst Weekly Bulletin this week, to enable everyone to make arrangements to attend if possible (or ask Grandparents to come!). Look out for this in the Nursery box of the Weekly Bulletin. 

We have a Reception Information Event on 22nd November for for parents of those in Early Learners, as well as an Early Learners Information Event on 26th November for parents whose child will be moving into this class next year (current Little Learners and some of the older Explorers), so you can meet staff and find out more about your child's next steps. More information on these events will be shared in the Edenhurst Weekly, along with emails, so look out for these in your Inbox.

This year we also have a number of other exciting events planned for Nursery parents including our hugely popular Christmas Rhythm Time Event, now held annually in December. Children who attend our weekly Rhythm Time classes on Wednesday mornings love being able to show off the new skills they have been learning through the term, and a rendition of 'Jingle Bells' never fails to help us all get into the festive spirit!

Another way we build relationships with parents is through the newly-relaunched EPTA (Edenhurst Parents and Teacher Association). Several Nursery parents and staff are already part of this group and thanks to all these lovely people we will soon be taking delivery of a brand new mud kitchen for the Nursery garden which is very exciting for all the staff and children. I’m sure all the children will soon be having a wonderful time making mud pies in the garden! If any other parents would like to join the EPTA Committee, which is a fantastic way to build relationships with other parents and have a say in new ventures that benefit all of our children, please get in touch with Nursery or the School Office. Any help, large or small will be greatly appreciated!   You can find out more about the EPTA here

Finally, we have recently relaunched our social media feeds across the School and Nursery, and parents of Nursery children can now follow us on Twitter @EPSNursery. We will be sharing regular news, photos and updates from across the Nursery, alongside our Facebook updates, giving you even more insight to your child's education with us. 

Thank you to all Nursery parents for your continued support and we look forward to an exciting year ahead!

Liz Whitmore

Acting Nursery Manager