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Skidenhurst 2019 (3)

Posted on 15th Mar 2019 by Chris Barnes

Day 3 – Tuesday

Today’s conditions were absolutely glorious. Following the snow from yesterday afternoon and overnight, we were greeted by the sun when we woke up. This meant that the pistes were fantastic to ski on and the temperature was just right.

All of the groups have been to the top of the resort, with Eric & Sisi’s group skiing on or all of the black slope as well. Sisi’s group also tested out some of the jumps at the jump park.

Laurent and Yann’s groups are making amazing progress and made it all the way down from the top to a different village, skiing a good 6 miles in the afternoon.

After skiing we went for a swim in the outdoor pool, and after a fun play held our own Le Corbier Olympics. This was followed by a quick trip to the arcade, before coming back for tea (chicken and/or macaroni cheese). Then we finished off the most amazing day by going outside for a bum-board in the dark (apologies that the photos and videos weren’t very good in the dark!)

It really was a fantastic day and one that they will all remember for a long time!


Day 4 – Wednesday

Again, we had lots of snow today and all of the children went off to different villages. The Viking run was a firm favourite with them all. It is fantastic to see great progress, such enjoyment and also the helpfulness of them all when someone falls over. Everyone is now turning with confidence and the majority of children are parallel skiing across the pistes and sometimes into turns. They tried jumps today as well as going off-piste which they loved in the fresh deep snow! The Jump Park was also visited with the children loving going over the big and small jumps.

Sisi’s group stayed out skiing for the whole day and skied 18 miles in total! They had lunch out on the slopes and had a wonderful experience in a variety of conditions. They finished the day with the slalom, which they will be doing tomorrow as a timed event to see what badge they will be awarded.

After skiing we had more time in the snow, making forts (as well as a general play) for a snow ball fight and the snow even came down as we started the battle!

At night we went skiing again with our torches as we led the whole resort down the mountain and then got to see some LED skiers come down and the piste bashers. A great end to a wonderful day. 

A fantastic, snow-filled day!


Day 5 – Thursday

The morning saw Sisi's group take on the slalom course, and all the children had the chance to demonstrate their skills, which they did very well. They also had a speed test, which they really enjoyed!  The other groups went to various new slopes in the resort and did some off-piste skiing and mini jumps as well. They’re all ready for the trip out tomorrow.

After skiing we played in the snow then went into the village.  The evening activity was a games night followed by the Ski Tucker trial – eating frogs' legs and snails!  Some children liked them, but they won’t be appearing on the menu at school!

All children are having a great time: behaving well, if a little tired.

On Friday we will be out skiing all day and then at night it is the talent show and packing!