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Individualised Learning: The Project Fortnight

Posted on 29th Jun 2018 by Chris Barnes

A collective sigh of relief went up two weeks ago as revision folders were put away until next year and a different focus took hold around Edenhurst - that of individual projects.  Each year group has taken this time to explore a specific theme, chosen with their form teacher. Amongst these have been Toys in the Past (Form 1); Plastic Reduction (Prep 3); World Wildlife (Prep 4); and Leavers’ Books (Prep 6), as well as their business project that came to fruition at the Summer Fayre.

Having sung about how ‘we done a project on it’ as part of the School Play in the Hilary Term, it became apparent that many children had never done a project of their own!  The joy of project-based learning is that it allows both collaboration and individualism: children can find and bring in their own materials, but also have the opportunity to really develop an area about which they are interested.  A project has themes and topics; the children then have greater ownership over which of these they find out more and how they show this learning. Some of the projects have been linked to the Global Goals in the World’s Largest Lesson, as well as tieing in to our own curriculum.

Glancing through a number of folders, there is plenty of writing, along with questionnaires, diagrams, pictures, maps and other ways that the children have chosen to present their information.  There has been minimal use of a computer, but more reliance on books and resources that the children have found. Talking to pupils from all year groups, they have enjoyed making their projects personal and deepening their knowledge about a specific area or time period.  

Like many projects, it has taken some a little longer than a fortnight...but that’s also a sign of how much the children have enjoyed doing them!  Thank you to all parents who have contributed in the way of resources and support; that has been a big help.

The children will be putting them together in this last few days and bringing them home for the holidays. We hope that you enjoy looking at your child’s work and see the benefit of this style of learning.

Chris Barnes
Deputy Head