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Mr Barnes's Blog: Hidden In Plain Sight

Posted on 14th Nov 2019 by Chris Barnes

Once you settle somewhere - a place of work, a new community or similar - it’s easy for things to become ‘hidden in plain sight’, as the saying goes.  What is in front of you doesn’t get noticed anymore; it becomes so familiar that it doesn’t seem special or different.  

Over the last few weeks a series of conversations with Edenhurst parents made me reflect on what makes our school different, and the reasons why you chose to send your children here.  I wonder how many of the reasons below are things that you know, notice, or take as read about Edenhurst?  

Mr Barnes's Blog: A Classical Life

Posted on 2nd Oct 2019 by Chris Barnes

One of the (many) benefits of working in a restless school is that the children look up to those in the higher years and want what they are doing. This year, one of the ways in which we've continued to raise aspirations is by introducing Latin throughout the Prep Forms.  Based around Helen Forte's excellent 'Minimus' series, our learning is set against the backdrop of a family living as part of the garrison at Vindolanda (modern-day Chesterholm), close to Hadrian's Wall.

Skidenhurst 2019 (3)

Posted on 15th Mar 2019 by Chris Barnes

Day 3 – Tuesday

Today’s conditions were absolutely glorious. Following the snow from yesterday afternoon and overnight, we were greeted by the sun when we woke up. This meant that the pistes were fantastic to ski on and the temperature was just right.

All of the groups have been to the top of the resort, with Eric & Sisi’s group skiing on or all of the black slope as well. Sisi’s group also tested out some of the jumps at the jump park.

Skidenhurst 2019 (2): The Benefits of Residentials

Posted on 13th Mar 2019 by Chris Barnes


A couple of years ago I got into conversation on Twitter with a number of fellow 'Tweeters' about the benefits of taking children away for residentials.  As with many such discussions, it wasn't planned - someone started the thread and others added their thoughts.  The end result, however, informed continuing debate and discussion about what we do in school and why we do it - and how it benefits the children.