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Mr Barnes's Blog: Hidden In Plain Sight

Posted on 14th Nov 2019 by Chris Barnes

Once you settle somewhere - a place of work, a new community or similar - it’s easy for things to become ‘hidden in plain sight’, as the saying goes.  What is in front of you doesn’t get noticed anymore; it becomes so familiar that it doesn’t seem special or different.  

Over the last few weeks a series of conversations with Edenhurst parents made me reflect on what makes our school different, and the reasons why you chose to send your children here.  I wonder how many of the reasons below are things that you know, notice, or take as read about Edenhurst?  

Mr Hibbert's Blog: The Edenhurst Edge

Posted on 23rd Oct 2019 by Michael Hibbert

Some time ago, you made an important choice.  You chose to entrust your child(ren) to Edenhurst for their education until the age of 11.  The obvious question is ‘Why?’.  Intuitively we know that Edenhurst is a very special place.  I clearly remember my first visit here and within a half an hour of arriving just knowing that this was a school I would love to be a part of.  But what is it about this school that makes us feel that way?  We are a family school.  The school grew from a family home and this essence remains at the heart of what we do.  Children are genuinely cared for a

Mr Barnes's Blog: A Classical Life

Posted on 2nd Oct 2019 by Chris Barnes

One of the (many) benefits of working in a restless school is that the children look up to those in the higher years and want what they are doing. This year, one of the ways in which we've continued to raise aspirations is by introducing Latin throughout the Prep Forms.  Based around Helen Forte's excellent 'Minimus' series, our learning is set against the backdrop of a family living as part of the garrison at Vindolanda (modern-day Chesterholm), close to Hadrian's Wall.

Headteacher's Blog: Reflections On My First Year At Edenhurst

Posted on 10th Jul 2019 by Michael Hibbert

It is a tradition at Edenhurst for the Head to do a review of the year in the final Newsletter.  Whilst reflecting on this, I couldn’t help but link it to my first year of Headship.  I think that this is unavoidable because one of the things that no-one tells you when you embark on this most frightening and exciting of journeys is just how personal it is.  It becomes so much more than a job.  This could not be more true for me.  I fell in love with Edenhurst about a year and a half ago and I feel this more strongly today.  But what makes this such a special school?  The answer is

Guest Blog: The Importance of Learning Languages

Posted on 19th Jun 2019 by Anonymous

A question I have been asked many times as a languages teacher: ‘Why do we have to learn another language? Everybody speaks English!’ You don’t have to have taken too many trips abroad to soon realise that no, everybody definitely does not speak English! The reason for learning a language is not solely in order to be able to speak abroad on holiday though, it is multi-faceted.

Guest Blog: Maximising Learning Through Assessment

Posted on 10th May 2019 by Anonymous

I’ve always believed that relationships are the cornerstone of effective teaching and learning. The strongest relationships enable teachers to understand what makes a child tick and also, allow the child to express their concerns and anxieties openly without fear of judgement or failure. This dialogue plays a huge part in forming a teacher's assessment of each child’s needs.